What is biological age

Aging is the progressive decay of our physical and psychic condition. It is determined by genetic and behavioral factors. As we get older, our body tends to develop inflammatory processes that facilitate the emergence of diseases.

Of all the factors that affect aging, 25% are genetic, but the other 75% are variable (food, life habits, pollution…) and therefore, we can deal with them.

  • Biological age is the one that tells us about the aging of our cells, and that gives us a better marker for our real age as opposed to our life expectancy, and also works as an indicator that warns us about future chronic ailments. It is determined by internal factors, i.e., by our genetic endowment and by external factors, i.e., lifestyle, socio-environmental factors, nutrition, daily habits etc.
  • On the other hand, Chronological age is the age of a person according to the time which has passed since birth. It is the age in your ID card.

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